Friday, September 28, 2012

Burden of evidence, and excessive kindness

Burden of Evidence

I am, I must admit, too kind when it comes to burden of evidence - going to some actual effort to disprove some claims made by Acharya without actual backup. In fact, I would not even have to do that under the normal interpretation of burden of evidence. If she makes a claim, she is to back it up - it is not up to the critic to tear it down.

Of course, I do hope Acharya will answer some of my criticism, and I welcome her here to do so. At that point, though, I will actually make far fewer claims than I do now - I will not work through volumes of text just to show that what I suspect is factually incorrect in fact really is understood to be incorrect.

Alas, the introduction to Suns of God seems to indicate no respect for scholarly standards, so I fear she may not understand this concept. When making a claim, it's up to whoever makes the claim to support it - not to the critic to disprove it. If supporting facts are provided, it is up to the critic to either a) concede the point or b) show the supporting facts insufficient or wrong or unsatisfactorily verified.

If this is not agreed on, no actual reasonable discussion is possible.

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