Thursday, December 20, 2012

Busy ...

Been a bit busy in recent weeks, more regular updates will resume soon. There is no shortage of stuff to write about, but obtaining some of the sources is difficult, and knowing where to start is also a challenge - this is a rabbit hole that goes deep, and I have no idea at which point to assume the average reasonably educated reader will know there is something wrong about a claim.

As an aside, if someone happens to know whether Albert Churchward's The Origin and Evolution of Religion can be obtained for free - as far as I can tell it is in the public domain by now - I would be happy, as I have had no luck looking for it.

His brother James Churchward also has two volumes of some interest to me right now, The Lost Continent of Mu and The Children of Mu, which I also have been unable to obtain. Both of these should have entered the public domain as well.

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