Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Index of posts related to Barbara Walker:

This post will be updated for each Barbara Walker-related finding I make.

The works of Walker's that I have been looking into are relatively helpful in one sense - find a suspect statement, look if it has a source, look what the source actually says. This is relatively straightforward.

At times the sources are difficult to obtain. If I find a statement which I am certain is wrong, and I can find reasonably good sources contradicting it, I will not bother obtaining her sources at all. However, if I suspect some claim of hers to be incorrect, the relevant article will be listed here, and if I find she was right after all, I will mark the item in the list as ok. With green, all-caps letters and all.

Being right is not enough though - if she is right, yet misrepresents a source I will list that as an error. In those cases I will point out that she essentially probably is right, though.

The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets:

  • A, misrepresenting source
  • Anima, mistaken etymology, misrepresenting source
  • August, misrepresenting source
  • Azazael, misrepresenting source
  • Baal-Hadad, misrepresenting source
  • Brother, mistaken etymology (as far as origin goes)
  • Horseshoe, weird claims about the Greek alphabet
  • Houri, weirdly mistaken etymology
  • Kingship, mistaken etymology (rex <- sanskrit), misrepresenting source
  • Senate, mistaken etymology

The Women's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects:

  • Altar, (Moses' horn, misrepresenting source)

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