Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bullshit oscillating at 432hz

For the next topic, I will write a rebuttal to one very mistaken theory about music that is making the rounds on the internet, and that also has a number of adherents - even among real musicians.

This theory sometimes is coated in new age-inspired pseudoscientific terminology, and sometimes it is bundled with a conspiracy theory. A small minority seems not to hold any specific pseudoscientific stances, but appear to just go along with the bandwagon in order to utilize the additional traction for support the tuning standard in general that the new-agers and conspiracy nuts would . I will investigate the (in)validity of almost all the arguments presented.

432hz adherents believe that if we retuned the western scale so that A440 was replaced by A432, music would be more harmonious, and we'd be more happy and peaceful, and I really have to restrain myself not to say something silly like 'and Jesus would come back and lions and lambs would spoon together'.

This will, again, be thoroughly detailed. The point with it will be to show just how lacking of any rational ground to stand on a lot of the A432 claims are. I am also interested in debating this with adherents, so if you believe that A432 has weird mystical properties, please contact me and try to convince me differently. I will present your argumentation exactly as it is, and respond to it with serious arguments.

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