Thursday, March 19, 2015

Next Up: David Icke

I decided, after running into people who seem to respect David Icke as a relevant, intelligent and important author, that maybe I should write down why I find reading David Icke's stuff a waste of time, why he's wrong, and why this is so obvious already from miles away that actually going to the effort of doing it in detail really is wasteful.

I will, of course, not be as careful as with my D.M. Murdock debunking - Icke never even pretends to be scholarly, he rather pretends to be visionary all the way.

Firstly, I must admit I have a hard time understanding how someone can pretend to be a prophet for good, yet teach that some humans are born essentially as soul-less husks whose sole purpose in life is to host evil, scheming lizard-beings from another dimension.

The rituals are designed to achieve many things, including the interbreeding I have described. I should stress that this does not have to happen only through physical sex between a human woman and a Reptilian entity. I have been told by women who have been raped in satanic rituals (several of them under the Mormon temple at Salt Lake City) that whilst a 'human' man was having sex with them he was overshadowed by a non-physical entity channelling energy through the rapist at the time of orgasm. These energies - frequencies - recode the DNA of the resulting child into the frequency pattern of the Reptilian or other entity so making the child compatible for 'possession'. [...]Just as electricity passes powerfully through water, so it is with the life essence energy carried in the blood. (By the way, Roman Polanski's 1968 movie, Rosemary's Baby, portrayed this interbreeding and involved a reptilian entity.) [1, p.32 ]
He repeatedly names some families who, he claims to know for certain, form part of these hybrid blood-lines; they apparently prefer in-breeding so as to keep their lizardliness intact. 

This explains why the Illuminati families have obsessively interbred over thousands of years in our perspective of time. [...]DNA is a frequency field that carries the data for what we call our genetic nature and inheritance. The closer the frequencies are on the dial, the more interference there will be. In other words, the more connection between them there will be. The reason for the interbreeding, and why the upper levels of the Illuminati are the same bloodline, is because their DNA carries a frequency field extremely close to, and compatible with, the reptilian entities operating just beyond the range of the five senses. This sympathetic resonance allows the Reptilians and other entities to 'possess' - take over - these bodies (Illuminati families) far more effectively than the human population in general. [1, p. 26]
This is central to his thesis, mind you. Yet readers go 'David Icke sure is on to something (but I think he might be a bit off on his lizard theory)'. If he's off on his lizard theory, how is anything else by him worth reading at all? If he's wrong on his lizard theory, he systematically and repeatedly slanders hundreds of people with a paranoid, delusional and frankly offensively accusatory hypothesis. If he's wrong on his lizard theory, a large part of his literary output is just mean-spirited calumny and dehumanizing rumour-mongering.

Admiring such a source for getting maybe a few things right seems to be demanding very little in ways of ethics of one's spiritual guides - which is a status he basically claims for himself repeatedly through his Ĺ“uvre. How can anyone admire someone with such rotten ethics?

We will see throughout this project just how insane the ideas this idiot spouts are.

[1] David Icke, Infinite Love is the only Truth - Everything Else is Illusion, 2005.

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